Digging around in the undergrowth of schools reform in England
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A tour of the website


Education Uncovered has been set up to offer insights into the operation of schools reform in England. Here’s a brief tour.

On the home page, you will find every article we write, set out in date order with the most recent at the top, though we will always have a “top story” which may stay in place for a while. In addition, the “latest transparency news” caption will run across the top to keep readers updated on this vital aspect of holding decision-makers in education to account.

“News” is where you will find all the exclusives that are the bedrock of our reporting.

“Diary” actually embraces two strands of our journalism: a diary column itself and a blog. The diary section will be where you find sometimes gossipy, sometimes anonymised short pieces about goings-on in and around the schools system. The blog will offer short observations. Both sections are likely to offer the chance for brief rolling updates on stories we have been following.

“Analysis” offers a range of often longer reads which dig below the surface of news stories. So, aside from purely analytical pieces, we have features and opinion articles. Under “data” you will find articles with a statistical slant.

“Themes” organises stories under a range of headings about which the website is particularly interested, from “transparency” to “inclusion”. In this section you will also find gathered strands of journalism which try to get to grips with specifically controversial areas of themes we write about. These include “deregulation”, where we try to chart different aspects of the schools system which have been…deregulated; “accountability stories”, which will show gaps in the system of redress when things go wrong, told from the perspective of those raising concerns; and “bad policy”, which is a home for discussions about the dysfunctionality – or not?! – of education policy. Finally, in this section, watch out for our stories badged under “free schools focus”. This is another innovative strand we hope, where we take you through individual cases where we think the government needs to be held to account over the experience of a new school being set up.

Finally, “cartoons” should be self-explanatory: it’s a home for illustrations on some of our stories, from the one and only “Stan Dupp”.

Happy reading!